Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

In the following, Alessandro Cossard’s curriculum vitae:


Current Position

Post-doc position at the University of Turin on the project Crystalline Engineering: design, synthesis, and applications of novel supramolecular adducts.



Ph.D.  in Chemical and Material Science with Honors
Title of the thesis: Chemical Bonding of f-electrons in Materials: Development of Algorithms in the CRYSTAL Program and their Application 
Supervisor: Prof. Alessandro Erba 

Master in Physics of Complex Systems
Interuniversity program with University of Turin, Polytechnic University of Turin and University of Eastern Piedmont.
Degree Grade: 105/110
Title of the thesis: Scaling Laws in Biology
Supervisor: Prof. Mario Ferraro

Bachelor in Physics
University of Turin
Degree Grade: 90/110
Title of the thesis: The Pauli Principle and the Periodic Table
Supervisor: Prof. Mauro Anselmino



Junior Data Scientist
Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) Foundation, Scholarship provided by the Lagrange Project for Complex Systems founded by CRT Foundation.
Title of the Project: Data Science Applied for Social Good: Tracking the Italian Vaccination Debate on Twitter
Supervisors: Dr. Yelena Mejova, Dr. Gianmarco De Francisci Morales, Dr. Daniela Paolotti, Dr. Kyriaki Kalimeri and Dr. Michele Starnini

Research Fellow
University of Turin
Title of the Project: Development and implementation of Computational Methodologies for Periodic Systems in the CRYSTAL Software
Supervisor: Prof. Bartolomeo Civalleri



A. Erba, J.K. Desmarais, S. Casassa, B. Civalleri, L. Donà, I. Bush, B. Searle, L. Maschio, L.E. Daga, A. Cossard, C. Ribaldone, E. Ascrizzi, N. Marana, JP. Flament, B. Kirtman, CRYSTAL23: A Program for Computational Solid State Physics and Chemistry, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2022

A. Cossard, S. Casassa, C. Gatti, J.K. Desmarais, A. Erba, Topology of the Electron Density and of Its Laplacian from Periodic LCAO Calculations on f-Electron Materials: The Case of Cesium Uranyl Chloride, Molecules 26 (14), 4227, 2021

A. Cossard, J.K. Desmarais, S. Casassa, C. Gatti, A. Erba, Charge Density Analysis of Actinide Compounds from the Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules and Crystals, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12 (7), 1862-1868, 2021

A. Cossard, G. De Francisci Morales, Y. Mejova, K. Kalimeri K, D. Paolotti, M. Starnini, Falling into the echo-chamber: the Italian vaccination debate on Twitter, Contribution to the 14th International Conference on Web and Social Media, 2020

M. De Stefanis, C. Ravoux, A Cossard, A. Erba, Thermo-elasticity of Materials from Quasi-Harmonic calculation, Minerals, 9, 16, 2018. Featured front cover journal paper.



International Conferences Presentations:

MSSC2022 – Ab initio Modelling in Solid State Chemistry, Virtual School 
Attendee and Speaker

DFTK school 2022: Numerical methods for density-functional theory simulations, Paris (France)
Attendee and Poster Presentation 

XLVIII National Congress of Physical Chemistry, Genoa (Italy)
Attendee and Speaker

Espa 2022, 21-24/06/2022, Vigo (Spain)
Attendee and Poster Presentation

Italo-French Days, Toulon (France)
Attendee and Speaker

International School on Inorganic materials, Bardonecchia (Italy)
Attendee and Speaker

MSSC2021 – Ab initio Modelling in Solid State Chemistry, Virtual School
Attendee and Tutor

MSSC2020 – Ab initio Modelling in Solid State Chemistry, Virtual School
Attendee and Tutor  

MSSC2018 – Ab initio Modelling in Solid State Chemistry, Turin (Italy)
Attendee and Tutor


Computational Skills:

Programming Languages: Python, Fortran, C, C++

Software and Applications: Git, Github, GitLab, Google Colab, Jupyter Notebook, Anaconda, Wolfram Mathematica, Word, Excel, Power Point

Computational Social Science Specialization, Online Specialization authorized by University of California, Davis and offered through Coursera


Language Skills:

Language Read Write Speak Understand Certification
English Yes Yes Yes Yes IELTS, released by British Council
French Yes Yes Yes Yes Full knowledge of French, released by Aosta’s Valley Region
Italian Yes Yes Yes Yes Mothertongue


Teacher Assistance:

Tutor (Art.76) for the Physical Chemistry I exam
Chemistry and Chemical Technologies Degree, University of Turin
Teacher: Prof. Alessandro Erba

Tutor (Art.76) for the Physical Chemistry I exam
Chemistry and Chemical Technologies Degree, University of Turin
Teacher: Prof. Alessandro Erba



Expert of the Subject (“Cultore della Materia”) in Physical Chemistry by Turin University since 2020





Academic Advanced Courses:

Big Data Science and Machine Learning, Federica Legger, Gabriele Fronzè, Chemical and Material Science Ph.D. Program (UniTo)
The Magic of DFT, Jacques Desmarais, Bartolomeo Civalleri, Chemical and Material Science Ph.D. Program (UniTo)
Lean thinking for Research and Innovation, Alessandra Bianco Prevot, Enrico Prenesti, 05/2021 – 06/2021, Chemical and Material Science Ph.D. Program (UniTo)
An insight into epistemological and didactic issues related with science teaching, Elena Maria Ghibaudi, Giuseppina Cerrato, 05/2021, Chemical and Material Science Ph.D. Program (UniTo)
Introduction to Scientific Programming (in Python), Alessandro Erba, 11/2020 – 12/2020, Chemical and Material Science Ph.D. Program (UniTo)
Statistical Mechanics, Giuseppe Santoro, 10/2020 – 12 /2020, Condensed Matter Theory Ph.D. Program (SISSA)
Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI, Andrea Mignone, 03/2020, Physics Ph.D. Program (UniTo)
Complements of Computational Material Science, Bartolomeo Civalleri, 03/2018-06/2018, Master’s Degree in Material Science (UniTo) 



Day of discussion on Physical Chemistry Methods used for the study of condensed phases: information from the interaction between photons and materials
Raman Day, University of Turin, Chemistry Department, Virtual Class
Machine Learning meets Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Turin
NIS Colloquium on Theoretical and experimental approaches to thermoelectrics for waste heat harvesting, 09/01/2020, Department of Chemistry, Turin
Tutorial on Topological Data Analysis, ISI Foundation, Turin
Women in Data Science Conference OGR, Turin


Online Courses:

Data Science
Basic Data Programing and Visualization – Coursera – University of California San Diego
Data Science on COVID-19 / Coronavirus spread data – Udemy
Deep Learning and Neural Networks with Python: the complete course – Udemy
Complete course of Data Science and Machine Learning with Python – Udemy
Data Science for Sports – Sports Analytics and Visualization – Udemy
Covid-19 Data Science Urban Epidemic Modeling in Python – Udemy
Data Science on Covid-19: Coronavirus spread data – Udemy
Data-Driven Astronomy – Coursera – University of Sidney

Build from scratch and publish Android apps with Basic 4 Android  – Udemy
Build and Publish Android games using Unity – Udemy
Build your own podcast with Audacity – Udemy
Build your own site using WordPress – Udemy
How to create an arcade game using Construct – Udemy
Discover augmented reality games using Vuforia – Udemy

Social Sciences
Scientific journalism: dissemination theory and techniques – Feltrinelli online
Stanford’s Nutrition and Health – Coursera
How to defend against fake news – Udemy
Instagram marketing  – Udemy
Social Media Marketing: the complete course with certificate – Udemy
Power and Responsibility: Doing Philosophy with Superheroes – EdX

Global Warming I: the science and Modelling of Climate Change – Coursera – University of Chicago
Covid-19 Contact Tracing – Coursera – Johns Hopkins University
Quantum Mechanics – Coursera – University of Colorado Boulder


Supplementary Information

Alessandro Cossard runs a Podcast for Scientific Dissemination. The podcast name is Scienza Contro Tutti (meaning, Science Versus All), is in Italian and can be found on Spotify, Anchor, and many other platforms
For other platforms:

He also has a Basic Calistenichs coaching certification.



I authorize the use of my personal data, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003.


Info sull'autore

Alessandro Cossard administrator

Alessandro Cossard is Physicist of Complex Systems. He's currently a Ph.D. Fellow in Chemistry and Material Science at the University of Turin and his work deals with the implementation into the software CRYSTAL of some method for the ab initio quantum simulations, in particular in the framework of the Bader’s QTAIM theory.

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